15 minute Vocal Assessment ( 1 on 1 online Via Skype)

$25.00 $20.00

A 1 on 1 meeting on Skype with Orya Deisraeli – to let her hear YOUR voice,

and make sure  that your vocal condition is good for start your  practicing. You will have to sing while you meet Orya Deisraeli.

Orya will teach you and guide you step by step what to do, so you feel relaxed and comfortable while doing it.


Book a 10 minutes of vocal assessment to make sure your vocal condition is good to start working and practicing. In a short Vocal Assessment Orya Deisraeli will hear your voice condition and will give you very straight forward directions how to progress from there.

This short meeting is not set to be a Schedule option. This is the reason why you have to Email Orya Deisraeli to set a time for this kind of meeting. You will get a very general idea about your vocal condition, and it is highly recommended that you will proceed to a half hour voice lesson, so the Vocal Assessment will go a few steps forward for your goals – and you will be able to start practicing your voice for great results right away.


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