A single 60 Minutes Voice Lesson online

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Technique and tools

You will get the most precise & effective singing exercises – for your vocal condition during the lesson, so they may vary from one lesson to the other.

The method and tools can take your singing to a professional level.

Style and genre

Have you ever dreamed to sing like a rock star?
You will get great tips and tricks how to sing like the greatest singers on the planet, to express your emotions through singing. Also to
develop your unique authentic sound.

with the knowledge Orya will give you in 60 min. voice lesson.


Voice lessons with Orya Deisraeli

 Orya will first assess the condition of your voice, which will reveal  your vocal challenges .  From there she will guide you through different vocal exercises to help you smooth your bridge or passages, so your singing become easier and  more powerful with less effort in your vocal tract, and more fun to practice.

Usually in a30 minutes lesson you will have a chance to work on your singing technique for half the time, and the other half on a song, and get a chance to implement the technique – on the current song you choose.

for more details – what you have to prepare before the lesson start – see the “booking a voice lesson” information



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